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Wine store in the centre of Lucerne

Vinothek Hauser is a wine store in the centre of Lucerne. We have a variety of Swiss wines, wines from Germany, Italy, France and Slovakia. We also have a selection of spirits and barrel aged cocktails. We are looking forward welcoming you soon in our wine shop in Lucerne.

Wines, that we love.

Made by people, ho became friends.

Wines, that we love. Made by people who became friends. This is our philosophy. Quality ans sustainability is very important for us. Because of this we just have products directly from the vineyards. So we can tell you the stories behind the bottles in our wine store. We are visiting our winemakers a few times a year to see what is going on. 


We opened our wine shop and liquor store in Lucerne in 2017. Since the beginning it was very important for us just to have products that you do not find in Lucerne and which are nearby unkown. Because we think it does not make sense to have wines that are very well known and you find in a lot of wine shops.

Be openminded.

Otherwise you miss the best.

Since ever we love German wines. Because of this we decided that we will offer a lot of German wines from different regions in our wine shop. We travelled through Germany for many years and tried to find interesting producers. Now we are very proud to have a selection from different winemakers in different regions. We also love wines from other European countries. Because of this we also traveled through Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and Slovakia and met very nice people who make fantastic wines.

Now we have more than 250 wines in our wine shop. But we still travel to find more interesting wines that you can find in our liquor store.


Individually and personally.

You will love our favorite wines.

Vinothek Hauser - this ist Simona and Stefan. In our wine store in Lucerne we offer just wines that we love and wines that have a special story. Quality and sustainability is very important for choosing our products.

We just work with small familiar vineyards. All the wines that you find in our wine shop we have directly from the vineyards. It is very important for us to know the people who make the wines. All the producers became friends. Because of this we can tell you all the stories behind the bottles in our wine shop in Lucerne. Our wines come from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Slovakia.

Organic wines and sustainability.

More than just a label.

Organic agriculture and sustainability is very important for us. Labels are nice, but we also have producers that are not certified by organic labels. We know that all our producers work as sustainable as they can and they live sustainability each and every day. 

To know what it's worth.

This is more important than the price.

A lot of people are just looking at the price of products, but they don't know what they are worth. But the price and the worth of products are very different. The price doesn't tell a lot about the quality of the product. A lot of wines are more expensive because of good marketing. That is different with the worth. The worth of a wine is the result of a good production, high quality, sustainability and the philosophy behind it. Good things don't have to be expensive. But they have their price.

Monday - closed

Tuesday 14-19

Wednesday 10-19

Thursday 10-19

Friday 10-19

Saturday 9-17

Sunday - closed

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